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Pa Kua Archery is based on Chinese Archery. Students learn various ways and positions for shooting. Pa Kua Archery also has an internal aspect that helps one to focus, move beyond fear, and relax. 

Adult Martial Arts

Pa Kua is a comprehensive Martial Art, which brings a sense of understanding of the self and encourages personal development. It is most recognizable by its circular form of combat.

Cosmo Dynamics

Cosmo Dynamics incorporates slow movements that are used as a form of relaxation. Movements are practiced at a slow pace so that students can focus on form, flexability, and muscle tone.

Edged Weapons

The study of weapons is critical to martial art development. Coordination, precision, and disciplne are some of the benefits of studying the art of combat with edged weapons.

Sintonia Yoga

Yoga is a way of studying the self through stretching, postures, breathing techniques and cardiovascular exercises. It can be described as a harmonic interaction between ourselves and the universe. Sintonia translates to Harmony. We use the Pa Kua knowledge in Sintonia Yoga to help the individual find harmony between the mind, body and spirit.


Acrobatics provides harmonization through exercise of the body and mind. It provides the therapeutic benefit of working through the physical and mental dominion of our self.

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