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Our Kids Program

     In Pa-Kua we see each child as a unique individual with his or her own strengths and challenges. That is why we prepare each class with the purpose of meeting the needs and levels of the individual students. In our kids program we address the physical needs of each child such as nutrition, fitness, self defense, and coordination. We also address the internal aspects of the child such as making healthy choices, leadership, responsibility, setting goals, communication, focus, and resolving situations.

    We offer children's classes in Archery, Martial Arts, Sword and Acrobatics. Because of our class package format, most of our kids participate in more than one discipline. Students are welcome to try any of our classes for free to see what they like. Also, we require No Contracts Ever. Therefore, if your child decides they would prefer to try something else, or if life happens, you are not locked into a contract. This is one aspect unique to our school compared with other schools.

  Our Children's Program was designed by Master Lori Hayes. Lori is a 4th Degree in the Pa-Kua International League. She has a BA in Elementary Education from Flagler College and has been working with children for over a decade. Below is our Children's Program in detail.


Pa-Kua Knowledge

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Problem Solving

Feng Shui


Pa Kua Knowledge: In class students learn what the symbols, colors and shapes on the flag mean. They also learn about balance in how it is applied to movement and in coping with change.

Problem Solving: In Pa Kua we teach that every problem has at least 8 solutions. Students learn how to look at a problem from different angles to find the best solution. This is taught physically in our self defense, but over time transfers to everyday problems a student may face.

Leadership: In each class we teach and develop leadership skills. Students are given opportunities in leading parts of the class such as our 24 Movements, kicks, and helping teach a self defense technique to younger belts. Higher belts are encouraged to be good examples for the younger belts.

Community: At Ancient City Pa Kua, we pride ourselves on our open, down-to-earth community. We are a family. In our kids classes you will find an inclusive environment where students encourage one another. How do we teach this? By example.

Health: The key to health is balance. We communicate this to children on their own level by speaking about healthy choices. Children have stress just as adults do. We help to alleviate stress with our active classes. We also give students tools such as breathing techniques to cope with stress. This is all taught in a more concrete manner so that it meets the level of the student.

Feng Shui: Does your child have a hard time keeping his/her room clean, or his/her school work organized? In our school we teach students to take care of the school environment. Taking care of equipment and putting it back in its place, cleaning up the mat after class, folding the belt and uniform. This is practiced every class, and over time it transfers to how they take care of their own space and things.


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