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Our Kids Martial Arts classes are designed to help the student develop self awareness, personal strength, focus and self-discipline in a positive environment. Classes are based on the individual students, with an emphasis on positive reinforcement.  Pa Kua is recognizable by its circular form.


Jumps, rolls, flips, cartwheels, handstands are one part of the Acrobatics class. Students also learn group poses that require weight distribution, balance, communication, and teamwork.

Peewee Martial Arts

This class is specifically designed for children ages 3-4. Students will build coordination, discipline, focus, and self-awareness in this fun, high energy class. Students will have fun as they make new friends and learn to interact with others. Free uniform with sign up! Classes begin September 7th!


     Archery will help your child to build focus as they learn the detailed techniques of nocking and shooting the bow. He or she will develop self-awareness through reflection on how to improve each technique to get closer to his or her target. Handling the equipment safely and respectfully will instill a sense of responsibility. Focus, self-awareness, a sense of responsibility along with learning the art of Archery are all positive aspects that can strengthen a child's self-confidence. Finally, Archery is a lot of fun.

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