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Ancient City

Ancient knowledge for modern times.

2020 Summer Camp 

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Now Open!


    Pa Kua is the study of the 8 States of the Change. Life is always changing. The Pa Kua Knowledge helps one to navigate through life's changes to help improve life.

    Ancient City Pa Kua is a member of the International League of Pa Kua. The purpose of our school is to create a positive and open environment for students to grow and reach their goals. Our school is one big family.

    To find out more about the International League go to the link below. It provides for information on the Aspects including videos.



4pm Archery
5pm Kids Acrobatics
6pm Kids Archery
4pm Peewee Martial
5pm Kids Martial
6pm Adult Martial
3pm Archery
4pm Sword
5pm Cosmo Dynamics
5pm Kids Martial
6pm Adult Martial
7pm Archery
4pm Archery
5pm Kids Archery
6pm Sintonia Yoga


1 time per Week     50/Mo
2 times per Week   65/Mo
3 times per Week   80/Mo
4 times per Week   100/Mo
5 times per Week   125/Mo
Extra Family member receives 20% off
No Contracts Ever!