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Ancient City Pa Kua

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

What Is Pa Kua?

     Pa Kua is an ancient knowledge that has served humanity, from ancient times to present, in the attempt to understand and adapt to life's changes in order to live in greater harmony. In the Pa-Kua International League we study this knowledge through our different disciplines within the school. We provide complete, practical and enormously useful knowledge for students of all ages, gender, and background. We practice in a noncompetitive way while paying attention to all the needs and possibilities of each individual student.


     In our school we have something for everyone. Archery, Tai Chi, Martial, Yoga, Sword, and Acrobatics. We have classes for children and adults. Each member of the family can benefit from our classes!

The pillars of our teaching:

  • No competition

  • Family Atmosphere

  • Acceptance of all people

  • Environment of camaraderie and friendship.

  • Working with all levels

  • Training in an area of harmony where the students benefit from physical practice, healthy breathing, and learning to improve their diet.

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy


It can help with


Students develop physical balance and coordination as well as an internal harmony.


In all our disciplines we focus on flexibility of both the body and the mind. Flexibility in life is quality in life.

Personal Growth

Whatever your goals, we are here to help you get there. Our teaching techniques are catered to your individual needs.

Will Power

Will power is not a talent. It is a skill to learn and develop. We provide different techniques to help you develop your will power so that you can go after all your possibilities.


In Pa Kua we address health in 3 ways: Exercise, breathing techniques, and nutrition.

Reduce Stress

In our modern times we are confronted with daily stress that can take a toll on our health. Pa Kua provides you with many kinds of techniques to manage and alleviate your stress.



We have something for everyone from hard disciplines like Martial Arts to softer disciplines like Cosmo Dynamics.


We are excited to announce our new kids program designed to address the needs and possibilities of a child in a holistic approach.


Check out our schedule and come try our classes. First class is always free to try.

Your Journey Starts Here

Or Contact Us:

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904 -377 - 7234

1333 Old Dixie Hwy Suite 6, St. Augustine Fl. 32084

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