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Yoga / Chinese Yoga

     Sintony, or Chinese Yoga, is an ancient art derived from the Pa-Kua knowledge. Through movements and meditation, Sintony teaches the student to harmonize the body & mind. Chinese Yoga gives the energy necessary to lead a full and healthy life. It’s a way to study ourselves through stretching, postures, breathing techniques, and cardiovascular exercises.

     Sintony provides an excellent source of physical conditioning. The movements tone and strengthen the body while promoting lean muscle and burning calories at a high rate. The stretching exercises increase flexibility, protecting you from injury and providing a greater range of motion, while the breathing exercises oxygenate the body and regulate both the heart rate and the cardiovascular system.

     The student also learns techniques to relieve stress and achieve a sense of calm in the midst of the chaos of everyday life. Through the study of ourselves, we come to understand and synchronize with the universe. Once a state of Harmony is achieved, we can easily adapt to any circumstance or environment, overcoming culture shock, language barriers, and regional difference, thus finding harmony anywhere.


     Sintonia can be described as the harmonic interaction between ourselves and the universe.

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